Image Classification using CNN

Neural Networks are the programmable patterns that helps to solve complex problems and bring the best achievable output. Deep Learning as we all know is a step ahead of Machine Learning, and it helps to train the Neural Networks for getting the solution of questions unanswered and or improving the solution!

In this article, we will be implementing a Deep Learning Model using CIFAR-10 dataset. The dataset is commonly used in Deep Learning for testing models of Image Classification. It has 60,000 color images comprising of 10 different classes. The image size is 32x32 and the dataset has 50,000 training images and 10,000 test images. …

Deep Learning

Recurrent Neural Networks, a.k.a. RNN is a famous supervised Deep Learning methodology. Other commonly used Deep Learning neural networks are Convolutional Neural Networks and Artificial Neural Networks. The main goal behind Deep Learning is to reiterate the functioning of a brain by a machine. As a result of which, loosely, each neural network structure epitomizes a part of the brain.

This is an image of brain. ANN is like the temporal lobe. CNN is like the occipital lobe, RNN is like the Frontal Lobe
This is an image of brain. ANN is like the temporal lobe. CNN is like the occipital lobe, RNN is like the Frontal Lobe
Brain Lobes (Image Source:

Artificial Neural Network, a.k.a. ANN stores data for a long time, so does the Temporal lobe. So it is linked with the Temporal Lobe. Convolutional Neural Networks, a.k.a. CNN, are used in image classification and Computer Vision tasks. The same work in our brain is done by Occipital Lobe and so CNN can be referenced with Occipital Lobe. Now, RNN is mainly used for time series analysis and where we have to work with a sequence of data. In such work, the network learns from what it has just observed, i.e., Short-term memory. …

Every year from 2011, Stack Overflow conducted a survey to be able to know better the IT landscape from the perspective of developers. The survey asks a lot of questions about developers job such as how many hours do they work, how much their salary, their background, academics etc.

In this article, I used Stack Overflow Survey Data 2019 to answer several questions like how is developers job satisfaction level, how much their total salary, etc. If you are interested in analyzing the data by yourself, you can find it in this link.


There are several questions I asked myself about the survey, and these are three questions that I am going to answer in this…

Smartest creatures on earth are Homo sapiens, at least they are deemed so by many intellects and academicians. Humans are smartest because of their ability to think, act, and develop. The very primitive two legged human creature faced lot of problem because of under-developed psyche. Biggest issue they faced then, was communication. They couldn’t convey their feelings, their emotions that led to slow socialization. Gradually as time passed, a common tongue was developed. And connections happened. Among the many discoveries and development, growth of language is considered as one of the most crucial intricacy. From multiple thesis and sources of Sociology, we today have many examples where communities, regions, races led to a common tongue or a common tongue led to all communities and societies. …

All the inquisitive minds must be rendering for the reason behind MSP hike at this stage. Due to impositions of CAATSA rule and walk out from IRAN Nuclear Deal, oil prices are going to rise. Then why such a frivolous act? To be taken in account, the decision is tented politically too. Before every election MSP was hiked. in 2009 there was 40% hike, in 2013 27% and now ostensibly 25–50%. To gain support of servicemen in the second largest economic sector, the flute is played.

We should keep in mind, direct impact of inflation won’t be observed now. With the passage of time, after monsoon ends result will be known. With positive inflation, farmers too want security of their work. But since MSP rise is governed by government. In a way, overheads are going to be paid by citizens themselves. With rise in price of oil, current fiscal and account deficit is also increasing. India will face an impact equivalent to, 0.04% and 0.09% of GDP. Fiscal deficit occurs when “imports are more than exports”, implying revenue earned is less than expenditure. …

With government’s decision to increase MSP, there’s a surge in market of conundrums. Will it affect inflation, is the biggest question? So, what is MSP?MSP is minimum support price. It is security for farmers to prevent them from loss. The decided MSP will be given to farmers in case the amount is not compensated. Due to MSP, farmers are under government obligation if the price they want is not achieved/reached due to either market conditions or natural condition. Market condition is when prices fall due to surplus supply. Prices are decided by simple “Demand and Supply” Theory. Natural conditions are excessive/scarce rain, epidemic outflow. …

1984 dystopian Sci-Fic movie Terminator is now leading its way to reality.In the growing world of technology, machines are replacing humans inevery nook and corner. The day is not far away when machines will start recruiting employees and a CPU will be an employer. So, the inquisitive nature of humans starts working and we get an important question which we can’t resist in our bowels. How is it possible? (and to the readers how is the discourse anyway related to the title!!)

Image for post
Image for post

Let’s get to roots how this machines work or with the analogy of the movie how does a robot work. A simple mechanism on which the world is working from the years of its existence ,idea simplified is, “ Give someone data, he will work on the matter and give us some output. Just in return we need to give him money” So the years of research and developing theory is all about trying to shorten the principle. From the first innovation of world WHEEL, to today in the years passed, in the 21st millenium Scientists and scholars have made many people incompetent and have successfully wore shoe size 5 of shortening the prinicple. Today we have a new principle traversing, “Give someone some data. He will work on the matter and give us some output.” An important aspect of economics, “trading” is going to be removed. And to save the world from doomsday and crisis such technology has been developed. …

Engineering Examinations

Considered as one of the most unemployed sector of India, due to increasing number of applicants from this field ever year. Aspiring Engineers needs to be consummate in their field of study, or a in a particular field of interest. Along with being skillful they also need to authenticate their skills by clearing various examinations. Having angst about their future, they need to develop their skills. Learning from a trustworthy source is necessary and if it’s cheap or free its no less than boon for engineering students. Along with learning skills Students also needs to showcase their talent and ability by performing aberrant, in examinations. There are instances when we know answer but due to constraint of time we fumble or get blank. Only solution for the matter is following the Golden proverb, “practice makes a man perfect” which holds true in every case. Mock tests helps us to validate our preparation level and pinches to work on our weak spots. …

Target Tigers; Catching Cats

Another incident of vicious politics and mal practice came in eyes of laymen. Son of former Finance minister P.CHIDAMBARAM, MR.KARTi CHIDAMBARAM was taken up for investigation in INX Media Scam. Going down the memory lane and analysing the scenario. During tenure of the Senior Chidambaram, Transactions were made in the company worth 305 cr. Being a gregarious person and under the vicinity of his father’s hegemony, Illegal trades took place. But the egregious act was fabricated as legal against the wishes of ED.

In the present status quo of India. Where NIRAV MODI defrauded India for nearly 13000cr. Vijay Mallya did for 9000cr. Indian govt caught someone with 305cr. It can not be marked unseen. But along with finding and interrogating such clans. Indian govt should focus also on bringing back luminaries of this clan. And also their pupils, who know many more such scammers would be there!! …


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