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There are several questions I asked myself about the survey, and these are three questions that I am going to answer in this article:

Data Exploration

1. Country with the highest job satisfaction

In this 2019 survey there are nearly 90,000 responses from over 170 countries, and for this question I am going to use only the top 30 countries based on the total number of respondents.

2. Job satisfaction based on developers background

We all know anyone can be a developer even if they do not have computer science background. There are tons of online and offline resources and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) they can learn from. In fact, the result shows that 29% of developers do not have IT-related background (their undergraduate major).

3. Contributing to open source makes your salary higher?

One thing that I was interested in from this survey was about contributing to open source. Does this have impact on developers salary? That was the question I asked when I first saw the survey data.


In this article I did the analysis about developers from Stack Overflow Survey Data 2019, and these are the summary of what we have done.

  1. I measured the job satisfaction level for each country and found that United States has the highest job satisfaction level for developers in the world, and 5 of top 10 countries with the highest job satisfaction level are located in Europe.
  2. I then looked at their undergraduate background and found that developers whose undergraduate major is not IT-related have slightly better job satisfaction.
  3. Finally, I found that developers who contribute more to the open source have higher salary (although ”does it have the direct causation?” is still debatable).



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