Target Tigers; Catching Cats

Another incident of vicious politics and mal practice came in eyes of laymen. Son of former Finance minister P.CHIDAMBARAM, MR.KARTi CHIDAMBARAM was taken up for investigation in INX Media Scam. Going down the memory lane and analysing the scenario. During tenure of the Senior Chidambaram, Transactions were made in the company worth 305 cr. Being a gregarious person and under the vicinity of his father’s hegemony, Illegal trades took place. But the egregious act was fabricated as legal against the wishes of ED.

In the present status quo of India. Where NIRAV MODI defrauded India for nearly 13000cr. Vijay Mallya did for 9000cr. Indian govt caught someone with 305cr. It can not be marked unseen. But along with finding and interrogating such clans. Indian govt should focus also on bringing back luminaries of this clan. And also their pupils, who know many more such scammers would be there!!

Being unbiased, praising government for this capture will not make them obliged, but us “fool” for sure. The act can also be a clandestine plot. During Modi govt. Terrific Tiger Trio duped India and never returned. And Indian govt is failing to even sense their breathe. Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi. And similarly Mr.Karti remained untouched during his father’s term. Once the tables turned, Mr. Karti was scuttled from airport to a place unknown in BJP’s rule.

During NIRAV MODI scam, ostent of BJP leaders was lacking in making Innuendos on the entourage of SCAMSTERS. This gives enough plausible hint, to doubt Government’s action. Along with monetary scams. Govt. is also giving spark to events of mayhem in cities. “Padmavat/i wave” sensing upcoming elections in state of Rajasthan and elections in BJP ruled states. Ban on the movie was imposed and without any skeptical notion it can be remarked as a political move.

Was KARNI SENA naive and in a state of oblivion while creating pandemonium in the state or they were also part of the cynical move? After the elections comments were also heard that the later will help for release of movie in the state. It clearly states that the people are not jingoist considering economical, social development of state. But are demagogues lured by fancy-hefty pockets.

During a scenario when India is duped for more than 20k Cr by mere two individual. Rolling GST and coping up with unfaltered policies(as they brag about!!). Instead of focusing on this issues. Govt is busy doing cat hunting!!


Analyst at Caterpillar Inc.

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