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1984 dystopian Sci-Fic movie Terminator is now leading its way to reality.In the growing world of technology, machines are replacing humans inevery nook and corner. The day is not far away when machines will start recruiting employees and a CPU will be an employer. So, the inquisitive nature of humans starts working and we get an important question which we can’t resist in our bowels. How is it possible? (and to the readers how is the discourse anyway related to the title!!)

Let’s get to roots how this machines work or with the analogy of the movie how does a robot work. A simple mechanism on which the world is working from the years of its existence ,idea simplified is, “ Give someone data, he will work on the matter and give us some output. Just in return we need to give him money” So the years of research and developing theory is all about trying to shorten the principle. From the first innovation of world WHEEL, to today in the years passed, in the 21st millenium Scientists and scholars have made many people incompetent and have successfully wore shoe size 5 of shortening the prinicple. Today we have a new principle traversing, “Give someone some data. He will work on the matter and give us some output.” An important aspect of economics, “trading” is going to be removed. And to save the world from doomsday and crisis such technology has been developed. This is going to cost a lot many people their job in future.

When data is fed into a robot, it is done by programming them. And programming is done in a specific machine language. Basic such languages which are used to bless life in such unnatural things are C, JAVA, PYTHON, KOTLIN,..and many more. We all haven’t yet witnessed any T-800 but the people with vision are creating dedicated forces to create one. To make life more easy and comfortable, they are trying to inject decision making ability i in the hands of machines( machines with hands are not in parallel world anymore ). Few months back satellite of Facebook started developing its own language and it was shut down as preventive measure. We haven’t yet developed the technology to its full scale and we are witnessing chaos due to them. Wonder what lies ahead!! With the maniacs and futurist like Kim jong Un and Elon Musk (respectively) Artificial Intelligence can create doomsday or procure enough catastrophe to transcend human life back to the Time of Renaissance.

Already abhorrence has started in youths due to increasing rate of unemployment. Working on a principle has engendered, other side with disdain. According to “International Labour Organisation ” world unemployment rate is 5.8%.

The rate is alarming!! With the advent of employment crisis another question arises in our beautiful mind. Which profession to opt?. The biggest question for an Indian bourgeois teen. In the mingled mind of a student always an itching question arises “What should i do, that will be more helpful” and this question ruins lot of time and mental peace of a student. That wastes his time and leads him nowhere. American Physicist Michio Kaku quoted, “ The job market of the future will consist of those jobs that robots cannot perform. Our blue-collar work is pattern recognition, making sense of what you see. Gardeners will still have jobs because every garden is different. The same goes for construction workers. The losers are white-collar workers, low-level accountants, brokers, and agents.” This helps us to conclude, indispensable fields of creativity will remain untouched and unaltered. So the language to learn in this competitive world is what our heart guides to. If the heart says or we have deep interest in learning French, Spanish or any other language instead of programming language. Go for it, learn the language with interest, work hard and become a virtuoso. But alternately, you will go against wishes and try to learn things beyond one’s limit and reach; there are very great chances to end up nowhere with time passed without learning or enjoying. Most of one’s time will be devoured by subjects which don’t muse him. As said by senile people, “Nothing Learned is Wasted.” So Strive in the field of interest and don’t get entwined in this nerdy machine driven world. One can very well keep in mind the quote of Muhammad Ali, while treading on path of interest and facing tantrums of world “Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee”.



Analyst at Caterpillar Inc.

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