Decoction of Life

Aarya Brahmane
4 min readMar 23, 2019

Smartest creatures on earth are Homo sapiens, at least they are deemed so by many intellects and academicians. Humans are smartest because of their ability to think, act, and develop. The very primitive two legged human creature faced lot of problem because of under-developed psyche. Biggest issue they faced then, was communication. They couldn’t convey their feelings, their emotions that led to slow socialization. Gradually as time passed, a common tongue was developed. And connections happened. Among the many discoveries and development, growth of language is considered as one of the most crucial intricacy. From multiple thesis and sources of Sociology, we today have many examples where communities, regions, races led to a common tongue or a common tongue led to all communities and societies. As time passed humans became more convivial and Socializing increased.

Last few centuries were epitome of vast social network and social life. Events, functions, festivals, happenings in social life were indeed celebrated. During the placid timeline of celebrations and happenings, technological advancement were also on fast pace. Down the time, convivial lifestyle became ostensible. Competitive lifestyle overtook the meaning of life. In the saga of growth, people started treading on individual profits. Instead of feasting together, attitude of subtle fighting inculcated in people. Human nature gradually became more and more self-centered. Instead of enjoying life at is fullest, nectar of life was extracted from human spirit. Celebrations which once happened altogether started taking turn of individuality. Mass and extravagant happenings reduced at a pungent rate.


Biggest revolution humans faced and got blessed, was advent of internet in end of last millenniums. And a totally new segment of life and socialization became. E-mail connected people from every nook and corner of the world. Connectivity increased among communities and people of same psyche. Distances between people indeed got reduced. And then in early years of this millennium, genesis of deleterious decoctions took place, “Facebook” got launched. An online platform on which one can share his/her photos regularly. Model of the company intrigued people to that extent, that a new term got devised for mode of socializing, “Social Media”. Initially Facebook worked as a boon for people. It helped people meeting their long, lost friends. It helped showing people their feelings and celebration to their well-wishers thousands of miles away. With success of Facebook, different websites and applications to entered the market which were aimed at connecting people. But the worm of knowing each other’s life started working as dope.

There’s a trait of response to stimuli in every living organism on earth. If a stimulus helps any living organism to relax itself from the bondage, dopamine releases in body. Social Media started working in same manner. But access of relaxation also leads to tantrums and side effects. As of today people are so involved in social media and showing their lifestyle that they have left behind the real essence of life. Instead of enjoying a moment to its fullest, specie of Homo sapiens are busy in capturing the moment and uploading it on social media. Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, and Facebook are the key drivers of social media. They have evolved human spirit and culture in tumultuous ways. At a place they have made the world very small and have connected millions of people with their loved ones. And at one place they are destroying reasoning of humans.

Necessity, Indeed!

There are instances recorded at places where people have gone mad or have done sodomizing crimes, because of being lured by social media. Such things lead to the fact that even though the world have been connected by social media, and the loved ones are at a distance of a single message. Whole social structure created today is just ostensible. Introspecting one can feel loneliness and bitter truth of constant solitude. Today people are ready to socialize but only for the reason of improving and updating their social media status. Beyond that, their life is just a big black hole. Analyzing our environs today we can conclude, in the present status quo people are again facing the same problem faced by primitive Homo sapiens then. They faced problems of socialization because of lack of common tongue. Today socialization have been minimized because of excessive modes of social communication. Then, they faced problems of inability to show their feelings and emotions, today humans can’t showcase their true feelings for the sake of social media. But then people knew and understood the meaning of life. But today more easy connectivity among humans because of social media has led to deleterious decoction of life, indeed!



Aarya Brahmane

Data Science Summer Associate at Navy Federal Credit Union| Ex- Analyst at Caterpillar Inc.